We believe in one God-the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We believe that the Old and New Testament Scriptures contain all truth necessary to faith and Christian living. The scriptures were inspired by God, breathed into the hearts of men, and were written as His truths through their skills and with their style.

We believe that man is born with a sinful nature and is, therefore, always inclined to evil.

We believe that those who remain unrepentant and unremorseful, in regard to their sin, are hopelessly and eternally lost.

We believe that the payment made for sin through Jesus Christ is for the whole human race; and that whoever repents and believes on the Lord Jesus Christ is saved from punishment and is transformed into a new creation. This is commonly referred to as salvation or being saved.

We believe that Christians, after being saved, are to become holy by a decision to be totally surrendered to God’s leadership and cleansing in their lives. This moment begins a journey of continued surrender and obedience to God that is only possible through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. This transformation is commonly referred to as entire sanctification.

We believe that the Holy Spirit confirms both the salvation and sanctification experience in the hearts of believers.

We believe that our Lord will return, the dead will be raised, and the final judgment will take place.