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Sunday School – Mt. Vernon
9:30 am – 10:30 am

Children are divided up into different age groups
to explore Bible stories each Sunday morning!

Rm 102 – Babies (up to age 1)
Rm 103 – Toddlers (ages 1–2½)
Rm 104 – Pre-School (3 & Up)
Rm 107– Kindergarten & 1st grade
Rm 106 – 2nd and 3rd grade
Rm 208 – 4th & 5th grade


Wednesday Program
-Mt. Vernon Campus

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Kids have a great time exploring God’s Word deeper through our lesson time, games and crafts!
Rm 103 – Babies & Toddlers (ages babies – 2 ½)
Rm 104 – Preschool (ages 3 – 4)
Children’s Church – Kindergarten – 5th grade (End in Gym)
FirstNaz hosts the Upward Basketball program in Mount Vernon which is the world’s largest Christian sports program for children and was created with a vision to provide the best sports experience possible for every child. Children of any faith or no faith – can participate in Upward Sports. Specifically designed for children in first – sixth grade, Upward Sports aims to bring out “the winner” in every child – regardless of the game’s score.


Registration is in the month of October. Practices start in December and games are held in January and February. Check Out our Upward page for more information!


Children’s Church

9:00 – 10:00 at the Living Hope Campus

10:45am-12:00 pm at the Mt. Vernon Campus

Children have a great time exploring God’s Word through games, skits, stories, music, and more!
K – 5th graders meet in the children’s room.

Quizzing Program

Mount Vernon Campus

9:30 am – 10:30 am


Room 214 – 1st–6th grade
Join us for a great way to learn the Bible through our quizzing program! This year the kids are studying 1 & 2 Samuel. Classes meet during the Sunday school hour.


What is the Philosophy and Purpose of Children’s Bible Quizzing?
The philosophy of Children’s Quizzing is Bible study. It is important to help children know what the Bible says and help them demonstrate biblical teachings in actual life situations. The goal of Children’s Quizzing is for children to know the God of the Bible. In Children’s Bible Quizzing, each child challenges himself or herself to reach award levels. In this approach, children quiz against a base of knowledge, not each other.
The purpose of Children’s Quizzing Bible study and competition is to help children:


  • Discover how to study the Bible
  • Desire to study the Bible
  • Grow in understanding of the overall chronology of the Bible
  • Learn that God is the central character and Hero of the Bible
  • Gain increased understanding of God as He is revealed in each study
  • Understand how people in the Bible interacted with God, and know how people today may do so also
  • Enjoy quizzing competition
  • Grow in the ability to reflect Christian attitudes and behaviors during competition.



FirstNaz Children’s Ministry Goals & Mission


The Children’s Ministry seeks to transform the lives of children and their families into spiritual champions through a holistic approach. We strive to provide physical, mental, emotional, and above all spiritual support. We look to discover God’s full purpose in our lives, create intentional relationships with God and others, and lay Biblical foundations so that children and their families can develop healthy lifestyles and characteristics. The objective is that all persons be aware of God through all the ways He makes himself known, especially through His redeeming love as revealed in Christ Jesus. We strive that all of these qualities, but not limited to them, are deeply rooted into the children.
“…And I pray that your love will have Deep Roots…”
– Eph. 3:16-18

Click to View our FirstNaz Children’s Ministry Policies & Guidelines