Christian Education – Sunday School for all ages (Mt. Vernon Campus) and Small Groups.
Christian Education, our Sunday School ministry, is one of the most vital ministries of our church. Our Sunday School ministry is made up of Sunday School classes (for all ages). In these groups, we have the opportunity to explore God’s Word and find it’s application to our daily living. We also develop personal relationships with fellow believers. It’s hard to live a victorious Christian lifestyle without the support and encouragement from close friends. Friendships such as these most often begin in Sunday School classes.

If Sunday School is so important, why are so many people missing out? Many have a misguided belief that Sunday School is just for children. But people of all ages need supportive relationships and instruction from God’s Word. Another reason for noninvolvement may be a lack of satisfaction with past experiences in a Sunday School class. People have different personalities, needs and interests. You may need to try more than one to find a class in which you feel most comfortable. Remember there is a place for you in this body of believers. These pages are a place to start. We strongly encourage you to stop in and ask questions. The core values of the Church of the Nazarene remind us that we are a Christian people, a holiness people, and a mission-minded people. In Christian Education, we hold to these same core values.

We are a Christian people.
We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord of scripture. We look to scripture as the primary source of spiritual truth confirmed by reason, tradition, and experience. Sunday School is the place to teach the vital importance of scripture to our children, teens, and adults and to disciple them in their Christian walk. Sunday School remains one of the church’s most powerful ways to affirm the Word of God as the foundation for living the Christian life.

We are a holiness people.
Christian Education is the place where disciples of all ages can be taught the doctrine of holiness, enter into the experience, and be guided in their process of becoming more like Jesus through regular Bible study and personal spiritual accountability.

We are a mission-minded people.
Our mission is to go and make disciples. The goal of Christian Education ministries is to reach lost people for Jesus. Through Sunday School, we challenge all ages to be disciples of Jesus Christ and to invite others to do the same. In Sunday School, we help each other live the holy life through mutual support, Christian fellowship, and loving accountability. John Wesley said, “God has given us to each other to strengthen each other’s hands.”

If you are attending First Naz and are interested in finding a Sunday School class, we want to know. Please call (740.392.8466) or email your request to us through this link.