Father's Table

Food Pantry & Hot Meals

Many of our families are facing difficult financial circumstances in this economy and are unable to provide for the needs of their family. First Naz Church desires to help these families in our own community, so we established Father’s Table.

"God, help us to imitate you as we feed those who hunger for bread, for justice, for companionship, for forgiveness, for alternate ways of living in this world. Give us your words, equip our hands, and guide our feet. Sustain us, Lord, with your healing love. "

Father's Table

Food Pantry

In addition to the Hot Meal program, Father’s Table also offers a choice food pantry with a continental breakfast.


First Naz welcomes you to come the third Saturday of each month between 9:00 – 11:00 am to receive food for your family. 

The only thing you need to bring with you is proof of your address.

Father's Table

Hot Meals

Father’s Table is part of a Hot Meal Program in the Mount Vernon Community and is open to anyone in our church and in our community who has such need, or for anyone in need of a time of fellowship and companionship.


This meal is hosted by First Naz every Wednesday Night at 5:30 pm